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Author: Heidi Lancaster

The Broken Candidate Experience: Part 1

Attention Talent Acquisition Leaders: YOUR RECRUITING PROCESS IS BROKEN FROM SOUP TO NUTS! Don’t believe me? The candidate experience is collectively the worst I have ever seen throughout my career. But there’s hope! Most of the problems can be fixed – IF you care about

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Confident Virtual Interviews

Prior to the pandemic, the first round of interviews was generally a phone screen. They were impersonal, left virtually no opportunity to interpret social cues, and left people feeling worse than a pat down by the TSA. Except the TSA lets you know right away

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Help Your Recruiter Help You

Job changes are in the top 3 of the most stressful events you will go through in life along with purchasing a home and getting married. It is wise to equip yourself with the intel you will need to remove painful obstacles during your search.

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