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Author: Lana Johnson

Decoding the Job Search Silence

Searching for a job can be a challenging and often frustrating process. You spend hours crafting the perfect resume and cover letter, you apply to promising looking opportunities, and you eagerly await a response. Sometimes the silence can be deafening as you’re left wondering why

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“Tell Me About Yourself”

“Tell me about yourself” is one of the most common questions a job seeker can be asked in an interview, yet many job seekers are unprepared when the moment inevitably arises. This is a missed opportunity because this open-ended question gives you a chance to

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How to find internships

5 Ways College Students Can Find Internships

College students, are you taking advantage of summer internships? Having an internship is an important career-booster that can help you achieve better job search success once you graduate. Having some professional work experience prior to graduation will help your resume stand out in a sea

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The Pros and Cons of ChatGPT in Marketing

As technology continues to advance and transform the way we do business, chatbots and AI-powered tools are becoming increasingly popular in the world of marketing. One of the most exciting and innovative tools in this space is ChatGPT, a state-of-the-art language model developed by OpenAI.

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Keep your confidence high

Six Tips To Sustain Your Self-Confidence

Job seekers, you are going to experience ups and downs on your job search journey. It’s inevitable. You might start off with tremendous enthusiasm, and then the reality of the search process settles in. You might apply to many job postings without getting any response.

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Four Tips for Marketers During Turbulent Times

There is no doubt that we are in one of the most unique economic periods in U.S. history. We have uncertainty on a multitude of interconnected factors including a volatile stock market, continuing supply chain issues, inflation, interest rates, consumer spending, labor market factors, and

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