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Author: Tim Jackson

Perspective: Viewing Labor as a Supply Chain

‘Plan your work, work your plan.’ I’m a big fan of quotes like that. When I hear self-help advice like that, it stirs my mind to think something like, ‘Yes, I need to do that!’ Maybe you, too? Alas, this blog post is NOT about

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Are Signing Bonuses Worth It?

Did you ever look at your list of open jobs and wish you could “phone a friend” like contestants did on ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’ This week’s blog suggests recruiting managers should phone a friend – their CFO – for help in making

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The Job Market is NOT a Used Car Lot

Earlier this week I read a blog from a firm called Boost Pricing about the importance of getting to the real story when a firm loses a proposal because of price. It was short and concise and reminded me of some important lessons I had

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Let’s Get Real, It’s Tough Out There!

“Let’s be careful out there.” Some of you might recognize that quote from the 80’s tv drama, Hill Street Blues. Those five words closed the morning roll-call scene that started every episode. The message, ‘it’s tough out there, take care of yourself and your partner’.

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HR models

HR Models vs Methods

Models are used in all sorts of business functions: supply chain, financial, sales and marketing, IT, or HR.  Models help us organize the complex and give us labels for big ideas. I eagerly clicked on McKinsey’s December 22, 2023 article, HR’s new operating model. Unfortunately,

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