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Author: Tim Jackson

Decoding AI’s Impact on Talent Acquisition

AI is such a hot topic and today, I’m exploring the impact of AI on recruiting. First, as a reminder, my team at Elevation Talent Group has two practice areas: human resources and marketing.  We are experts in recruiting and hiring in both spaces. We

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Ready For the 2024 Job Market?

If you’re in human resources, your manager is likely to ask you, “What’s with the job market and how will we better manage resource planning and recruiting in 2024?” If this sounds familiar, this blog post is for you. How’s the Job Market? We are

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A Fresh Approach to Problem Solving

Who doesn’t like a story about magic beans? In the 15 months my colleagues and I have posted blogs to this site, can you believe there have been no blog posts about magic beans? Me neither! Most of our blog posts present relevant and timely

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Your Team’s Social Contract

You want to improve your team’s performance? Of course. We all do. This blog offers you a time-tested tool that most of us take for granted – the social contract. What are your social contracts? Family? Classmates? Members of your management team? All levels of

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Psychological Safety at Work

Sometimes we just need a clue or tool as a starting point to solve a problem. Often, the issue we are dealing with is familiar; we just need a framework to get on the right path. This blog is about a framework to improve your

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Reinventing the Middle Manager

Do you ever find yourself reading an article that seems to have arrived in your inbox at the perfect time? For me, that happened last week. I read, How to Make a Pivot in the Latter Half of your Career, by Mario Lyons. The article

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