9 Trends: The Future of Work

June 28, 2022

We all know that the pandemic created dramatic changes in the world of work. We also know that much is being written and discussed about the state of work today and predictions for the future. Most articles focus on remote, in-the-office, or hybrid, but this fantastic article published by the well-known research firm, Gartner, goes beyond where people are working; Gartner dives into workplace shifts that are caused by the flexibility that many employees want.  We thought this was a terrific summary of 9 workplace trends that companies need to consider, and we hope you’ll enjoy this infographic which summarizes the article:

We’re talking with many companies who are experiencing interesting combinations of these trends, especially:

  • Hybird work becoming their norm
  • Talent shortages
  • Increased turnover


We’re especially interested in watching what happens with the trend around implementing a shorter work week!

What workplace trends are you seeing within your own organization?

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