A Healthy Dose of Podcasts

March 16, 2023

Sometimes our worlds can seem upside down with so much that we cannot control. Continued economic strife, job (in)security … there are days that so much negativity around us can start to feel like “too much.”

In my ongoing daily efforts to harness my own overthinking, I prescribe to the notion of filling my head with “good stuff” to ruminate over, to distract myself from the ever-lulling tug of things I simply cannot control. Podcasts are my main source of positive brain nutrients.

Podcasts accompany me while getting ready, taking walks, or as murmur in my empty office’s background. These streams provide a bountiful surge of positivity and, honestly … distraction.

Like most podcast lovers, my feed sometimes needs a supercharge. With so many options, how do you know what podcasts warrant your attention? You ask sources that you trust.

So, in effort to extend International Women’s Day just a wee bit longer, I asked my amazing community of women what podcasts, books, and media help each of them stay on track. They delivered in spades!

Let’s dive right in…


A Fresh Perspective

Adam Grant’s conversations with individuals across the globe offers us differing perspectives (which used to be a healthy conversational forum). It’s comforting to dive into new ways of thinking about our approach to our lives and careers and is especially helpful to take a break from your own overthinking mind.

“I love that Adam brings in perspectives from all different parts of the world through his Podcast “Work Life” — different countries, industries, businesses, people in various stages of life and work.  I gain little nuggets every time I listen. But I think the most important theme is how similar we are…we are all grappling with variations of the same elements…trying to be good humans in an ever changing world, and wanting to make things a little better in the ways we know how to.” – Christina Wang

Self-Care and Decompressing

45-minute long conversations with super interesting people on thought-provoking topics provides excellent companionship for a walk in between meetings or lunch at a table that isn’t sharing your laptop, mouse, and keyboard.

“I’ve been a fan of podcasts as I can walk and listen without sitting in front of the computer. A few of my favs — Pulling the Thread — great all around topics from self care to politics. Elise [Loehnen] always has interesting authors and conversation! The Splendid Table – I love to cook and my kitchen is my happy place to decompress, so listening to unique food, cuisine or interview with chefs is so soothing to me. I’m also a fan of True Crime – so Generation Why is classic for that. It’s for weirdos like me! When I travel for work, I use the Yoga-Go app to keep me active with some short yoga exercise. (6-min, 15-min, 30-min etc). and I usually do that in my hotel room.” – Irene Fogelson

Bet on Yourself

Adam Grant’s “Work Life” and ReThinking podcasts opens the door to offers examples of reframing our decisions and making brave leaps forward, even if one is surrounded by uncertainty. A past guest on his podcast, Annie Duke is the author of “Thinking in Bets”, a book that helps us find the tools to bet on the knowledge we have at hand to feel confident in our decisions.

“I’m wild about the pod from Adam Grant which is the perfect companion to listen to while reading or after reading his latest book, “Think Again.” The book focuses on challenging us to rethink and unlearn what we think we know. One of the episodes of Rethinking features poker champion Annie Duke who talks about knowing when to quit. That episode prompted me to start reading Annie’s book, “Thinking in Bets,” which is about making smarter decisions when you don’t have all the facts.” – Naomi Adams

iOT, Hacking, and Design

Software engineering is super cool! (Yes, it is!) Take a trip through the underbelly of the cyber world and learn about some super amazing coders changing the world one byte (sorry) at a time.

Darknet Diaries – a iOT/hacking podcast that is super understandable and more so about the story behind the most notable hacks, security breaches, and comp sec jobs in the world. The iOT world can seem super isolating, but it’s incredibly fascinating, ever reaching in pretty much every aspect of our daily lives, and really is for anyone if you can find your niche.

The Jordan Harbinger Show – Jordan Harbinger is an expert networker whose skills have allowed him to meet some of the most interesting people in the world. From famous physicists to former spies and former DEA agents, to psychologists at the top of their field, there’s always something to learn from their expertise and experiences. I recommend episode 578 and 579 about Yeonmi Park and her escape from North Korea!

Also, I get a lot of inspiration from Awwwards.com. You can look at it as a web design website – and it certainly is – but I see it as platform of innovation. It is inspiring to see how immersive experience can be made through just a web platform. Companies are making great strides to market their services and products in ways that aren’t just textual. They are striving to create these micro-experiences that are bridges between the user and the product/service for which the site is meant.” – Tyler Guitroz


Yes, We Can Do Hard Things

The title alone is motivating enough for a listen…because as trying as our days can feel sometimes it’s super helpful to remember that we can power through through the stories of others.

“Listening to each episode of We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle, Abby Wambach, and Amanda Doyle is like therapy for me. As the title implies, the amazing podcast speakers, Glennon Doyle, Abby Wambach, and Amanda Doyle discuss challenges we encounter in life which allows us as the audience to process right alongside them. For me, “We Can Do Hard Things” validates my feelings and experiences and empowers me through community and solidarity. With topics like burnout, healing, and friendship, I can always find inspiration for things I’m working through.” – Janet Lee

Listening with Gratitude

I’m so grateful for my amazing network of women to so willingly and openly share their go-to media. Not only is my podcast queue now filled to the brim; with each listen I’m reminded of each of these individuals giving me strength and comfort. With as much uncertainty we encounter, friendship and kindness seem to be a common thread to help steady the boat.

Whether you’re feeling unsure of where you’re at in your career, or you’re confidently ready to take the Next Step, Elevation Talent Group is here to help you navigate and extend your network and community…or chat about one of these great podcasts! Please reach out and stay connected. In a world as topsy-turvy as we’re encountering, staying in touch can make all the difference in the world.

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