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Author: Sharon Potsch

Self Love in a Job Search

Two months ago or so I picked up a copy of All About Love by Bell Hooks—a not-too-long page turner about, as the title suggests, loving yourself. It’s taken me all this time to get through the first three chapters to no fault of the

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Expert Series: Rita Chen, Chicago Marketer

This spring I’m celebrating twenty years in the recruiting industry. My daughter helped me determine that I’ve interviewed more than 12,000 people over the course of my career. 12,000! That number prompted me to reflect on certain interviews and people who have inspired me along

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A Healthy Dose of Podcasts

Sometimes our worlds can seem upside down with so much that we cannot control. Continued economic strife, job (in)security … there are days that so much negativity around us can start to feel like “too much.” In my ongoing daily efforts to harness my own

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Using Notion to Organize Your Career

Whether you find yourself in an unexpected job search or you’re facing the first quarter’s performance review season, trying to remember your accomplishments, accolades, and achievements can be a challenge. Despite the plethora of organization and productivity tools (here are some good ones), there’s always

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(Easier) Goal Setting

With the blank slate of a New Year ahead of us, it’s only natural to think about getting organized with your personal (and professional!) goals. Pen and paper checklists are certainly a gold standard for feeling accomplished as you move from one task to the

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Taking a 5 minute break

5 Minute Refocusing

With the holidays quickly approaching and our newsfeeds inundated with economic strife and workforce reductions, staying focused can seem impossible. With our feeds and brains constantly distracted, maintaining clarity and calm can be an uphill battle. While taking time to focus is hard, starting small

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