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Graduates: Navigating Today’s Job Market

As college seniors prepare to enter the workforce, they face a challenging job market marked by increased competition and cautious hiring practices. In a recent interview on “Here’s Your Money Briefing,” Wall Street Journal reporter Lindsay Ellis provided valuable insights and strategies for graduating students

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Tell Your Story With Marketing Metrics

Earlier this week, I spent an hour with a colleague who is looking to find her next marketing opportunity. I’ve known Alex casually for 8 years. I knew Alex did ‘marketing’, but I didn’t know what she did with any kind of detail. We talked.

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Navigating Networking Nuances

Networking can feel uncomfortable, intimidating, or like swimming in uncharted waters for active job seekers. There are so many questions about how/when/where to do it right and a whole lot of conflicting information out there to confuse the subject more. For those that find networking

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Navigating Interviews: Dos & Don’ts

Searching for a new role is one of the top 3 most stressful periods of your life (along with moving and getting married). It isn’t something you do regularly, so it’s natural that you’re not an expert on resume writing, interviewing, choosing the right recruiters

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Decoding AI’s Impact on Talent Acquisition

AI is such a hot topic and today, I’m exploring the impact of AI on recruiting. First, as a reminder, my team at Elevation Talent Group has two practice areas: human resources and marketing.  We are experts in recruiting and hiring in both spaces. We

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Getting Found on LinkedIn

FACT: More than 50% of companies recruiting on LinkedIn now use skills data to fill their roles. I’ve seen this fact (straight from LinkedIn) several times recently when I’m working inside of LinkedIn looking for great candidates and honestly? My eyes glossed right over it.

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