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Keep your confidence high

Six Tips To Sustain Your Self-Confidence

Job seekers, you are going to experience ups and downs on your job search journey. It’s inevitable. You might start off with tremendous enthusiasm, and then the reality of the search process settles in. You might apply to many job postings without getting any response.

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(Easier) Goal Setting

With the blank slate of a New Year ahead of us, it’s only natural to think about getting organized with your personal (and professional!) goals. Pen and paper checklists are certainly a gold standard for feeling accomplished as you move from one task to the

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Give gratitude


It’s nearly impossible not to love this time of year… the holiday season. Thanksgiving is a time to gather with family and friends, to express gratitude for the many wonderful people in your life, to toast those you miss or may have lost, and, of

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Pay transparency

Talking About Pay Transparency With Your Team

On October 13th, our Elevated Thinking blog was about pay transparency and we explained the topic, discussed the coming changes, and suggested strategies to plan for the new requirements. Since then, pay transparency has become an even hotter topic for managers. Today’s blog digs deeper

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Taking a 5 minute break

5 Minute Refocusing

With the holidays quickly approaching and our newsfeeds inundated with economic strife and workforce reductions, staying focused can seem impossible. With our feeds and brains constantly distracted, maintaining clarity and calm can be an uphill battle. While taking time to focus is hard, starting small

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

DEI Success? Count On It.

Why is DEI so hard to “get right” at so many firms? This post explores what I believe is the single most important reason: measurement. Before diving into the reason DEI is hard to get “right,” ask yourself, “is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) really

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