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Is Your Resume Helping or Hurting You?

This is such a strange time to be looking for work – stranger than I’ve ever seen. When writing my recent Candidate Experience blog series, one of the biggest frustrations I heard was that applicants don’t feel their resumes are reviewed by human eyes and

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Ready For the 2024 Job Market?

If you’re in human resources, your manager is likely to ask you, “What’s with the job market and how will we better manage resource planning and recruiting in 2024?” If this sounds familiar, this blog post is for you. How’s the Job Market? We are

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How designers can leverage their portfolios in their job search

A Portfolio Checklist for Designers

In the competitive world of design, where creativity meets functionality, your portfolio is your calling card. It’s not just a compilation of your work; it’s a visual representation of your skills, personality, and experience. Your portfolio is the key to unlocking doors to exciting opportunities

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A Fresh Approach to Problem Solving

Who doesn’t like a story about magic beans? In the 15 months my colleagues and I have posted blogs to this site, can you believe there have been no blog posts about magic beans? Me neither! Most of our blog posts present relevant and timely

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The Broken Candidate Experience: Part 3

Attention Talent Acquisition Leaders: Can you feel it? Can you hear it? YOUR RECRUITING PROCESS IS BROKEN FROM SOUP TO NUTS! This is the last in the 3-piece blog series on how the Candidate Experience is affected by what is broken in the recruiting process.

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10 Steps to Take After Your Interview

The interview is over, and you’ve walked out (or hung up) with a sense of relief and accomplishment. Don’t relax too much, though, because what you do in the next 24 hours after a job interview can be just as crucial as your performance during

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