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A Fresh Approach to Problem Solving

Who doesn’t like a story about magic beans? In the 15 months my colleagues and I have posted blogs to this site, can you believe there have been no blog posts about magic beans? Me neither! Most of our blog posts present relevant and timely

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The Broken Candidate Experience: Part 3

Attention Talent Acquisition Leaders: Can you feel it? Can you hear it? YOUR RECRUITING PROCESS IS BROKEN FROM SOUP TO NUTS! This is the last in the 3-piece blog series on how the Candidate Experience is affected by what is broken in the recruiting process.

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10 Steps to Take After Your Interview

The interview is over, and you’ve walked out (or hung up) with a sense of relief and accomplishment. Don’t relax too much, though, because what you do in the next 24 hours after a job interview can be just as crucial as your performance during

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3 Steps for Easy Connecting

Many candidates that I speak with wonder how to better leverage their LinkedIn connections to assist their job search. When you get to the point in your career where you’ve amassed several hundred connections, there’s a good chance that your next opportunity lives within that

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The Broken Candidate Experience: Part 1

Attention Talent Acquisition Leaders: YOUR RECRUITING PROCESS IS BROKEN FROM SOUP TO NUTS! Don’t believe me? The candidate experience is collectively the worst I have ever seen throughout my career. But there’s hope! Most of the problems can be fixed – IF you care about

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Key Takeaways: Chicago Innovation Summit

The 2023 Chicago Innovation Summit was filled with an exciting mix of speakers from a wide variety of businesses and backgrounds. There were three different panels throughout the event, “From Startup to Scaleup,” “AI Vs. IQ,” and “Combating Climate Change.” Each panel provided vastly different

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